The mission of the Pre-Dental Society is to prepare interested George Mason University students for a career in dentistry. While continuously promoting fellowship between students, we strive to inform them on various aspects of the application process, opportunities in the field of dentistry, and services to the community.

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Membership to the Pre-Dental Society is open to all George Mason University students. The GMU Pre-Dental Society utilizes the point system. Members must earn 10 points a semester or 20 points a year (and pay the $10 dues) to be considered an active member. Members will receive 3 points for attending meetings and 4 points for attending events. Other ways to earn points may be negotiated with the officers.To be eligible to run for office, one must have earned 20 points before the election at end of April.


Pre-Dental Society is committed to introducing students to dentistry and the dental admissions process by inviting guest speakers, dentists, and admissions officers, as well as planning other events that may help further students' goals in pursuing a career in dentistry.

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