Semester: Spring 2023

Location: Blackboard Course Virtual Tutoring Lab. See your instructor or email bap@gmu.edu for details.

Start Date: TBD


Monday: TBD
Tuesday: TBD
Wednesday: TBD
Thursday: TBD
Friday: TBD
Saturday: TBD
Sunday: TBD

Follows GMU Registrar’s Schedule for Closings, Holidays, Reading Days


Commitment to Students The Tutoring Center is a complimentary and collaborative service provided to ACCT 203 and 303/330 students to promote the understanding of basic accounting concepts and fundamentals. The Tutoring Center is not designed as a substitute for lecture or lab instruction and participation. Tutors are not permitted to assist students with graded work (to include connect homework and quizzes). Tutors will assist students with course material, however the Tutoring Center is not designed for individual, one-on-one teaching and instruction time may be limited based upon volume of students present.

Student Obligation It is the expectation and requirement that students will have read the assigned textbook chapter(s) and have attempted assignments, prior to arriving at the Tutoring Center. Students are not permitted in the Tutoring Center if they are disruptive, ill prepared or unprofessional in anyway. There is no eating or drinking permitted in the Tutoring Center. Students are not permitted to be in the Tutoring Center before or after the normal hours of operation.

BAP Candidate and Member Obligation Each semester, both candidates and members of BAP must meet the required ‘Service Hours’ of 10 hours per semester. BAP members and candidates are representatives of the Theta Alpha Chapter and must always act in a professional manner. It is the responsibility of BAP members and candidates to assist with the instruction of students, even when Teaching Assistants are present. Individually working on homework is permitted only during ‘down time’ or when students are not present in the Tutoring Center. Please sign-in and out so that your hours may be recorded accurately. Please also greet students when they arrive and instruct them to sign-in on the designated sheet.