To qualify as an official member of Beta Alpha Psi, you must fulfill at least:
10 professional hours, 10 service hours, and 5 hours of either professional or service hours.


Under National Beta Alpha Psi, an hour consists of 50 minutes. For example, a professional or service activity that lasts 60 minutes will be awarded 1.2 hours of credit under National Beta Alpha Psi. For the Theta Alpha Chapter, each professional meeting (1.5 hours) will count as 1.8 hours and each service hour will count as 1.2 hours.

At an individual level, you are allowed to use 5 hours of Outside/Non-BAP professional hours and 5 hours of Outside/Non-BAP service hours per fiscal year (September - April). For example, a student who used 3 outside professional hours in the Fall would only be allowed to use 2 outside professional hours in the Spring, but would be able to use up to 5 outside volunteer hours. Also, 5 hours translates into 250 minutes allowed for the year in Outside/Non-BAP professional or service activitities.