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Spring 85 Four Shades of Purple Haze

Roderick C. Young


Spring 87 Four Determined Faces of Death

Max Millen

Sam McNear

Vernon June

Meddie Brown


Spring 88 Four Dangerous Dogs of Destruction

Stan Becton

Corey Cokes

James Parham

Kevin Mobley


Spring 94 Two Haze Dogs of Doom

Eugene Poindexter

Roland Luck Jr.


Spring 95 Three Notorious Hounds of Death

Louis Sales Jr.

Perry Gaskins

Andrew Fingall


Spring 96 One Vicious Cerberus of Destruction

Chris Edmunds

Calvin Curry

Theodore Fikre


Fall 98 Haze Hounds from the Underground

Antonio White

Thomas McAffee

Corey Jackson


Spring 02 One Nasty Anubis Cube of Death

Deonn Henderson


Spring 06 Three Weapons of Mass Destruction

Craig Ellis

Leonard Coleman

Tarek Hbeichi


Spring 07 Two Hounds of Havoc Haze

Mark Jones

Philip Shelley


Spring '11 Nine Experiences of Death

Jaaziah Bethea

Bryce Lewis

Garrett Joyner

Desman Grain

Lesley Harris

Ryan Canaday

Isaiah Tate

Paris Bennett

Mike Morrison


Spring '12 Five Hounds of Bodily Destruction

Seth Robertson

Chris Rose

Lorne Powell

Dean Carter

Sherrod Wright





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