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       All the praise is due to Allah, the creator of man kind, the jin, the earth, the heavens, and everything in between. May Allah's peace an blessing be upon His Prophet and final Messenger Muhammad, his family, and followers till the day of Judgment.

       The Muslim Students Association at George Mason University is a student organization which seeks to aid in fostering true brotherhood and sisterhood among Muslims on campus and to present the pure teachings of Islam to non Muslim students.

We hope to achieve this through:

The Association has been recognized by the school as being one of the most active organizations on campus for several years.

ARTICLE I. Name of Organization

We, the Muslims of George Mason University, have agreed to and have adopted the present constitution and do hereby establish an organization to be known as The Muslim Students' Association (MSA) of George Mason University.


Section 1.

The aim and purpose of the Association is to serve the best interest of Islam and the Muslims of George Mason University. Towards this end, the Association shall:

  1. Promote the acceptance and adherence to Islamic morals, the Quran and the Sunnah.
  2. Promote unity and joint action among the Muslims on Campus.
  3. Conduct religious, charitable, educational, cultural and service activities     according to Islamic tradition.
  4. Arrange and hold congregational prayer and Islamic religious festivals at appropriate times.
  5. Promote healthy relations among Muslims and non-Muslims according to the guidelines of Islam.
  6. Endeavor to make Islamic teachings known to interested non-Muslims

Section 2.

The Association shall be a non-profit, non-political organization, and the fundamental purpose of the Association shall be to encourage and to enable Muslims with the basic knowledge and competence in Islam to contribute individually and collectively toward meeting community needs in conformity with generally and historically accepted Islamic doctrines and belief. It shall also be the purpose of the Association to avoid any wrong practices in Islam and to create a feeling of brotherhood among the Muslims

[Articles I & II from the Muslim Students Association at George Mason University Constitution. For a complete version of the Constitution, CLICK HERE]

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