Our Members

ARTICLE III. Membership

Section 1.

Membership in this organization will not be restricted on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, veteran status, sex or age.

Section 2.

The membership of the MSA of GMU is open to anyone interested in becoming a member and who abides by this Association's Constitution and follows the regulations contained within it. Upon accepting membership, the new member should also do his/her best to advance the Association's intended purposes as mentioned in Article II, Section 1.

Section 3.

The membership of the GMU MSA will consist of Active, Regular, Associate, and Honorary Membership.

[Articles III from the Muslim Students Association at George Mason University Constitution. For a complete version of the Constitution, CLICK HERE]

Muslim Students at George Mason represent Muslims from almost all over the world. Different races, ethnicities, languages, and nationalities. But they all share the love of Allah.

This page is for you, our Members. You are encouraged to let us know about you. Please send us information about: Name, Major, thesis, and researches that you work on. We will be honored to represent them to the world.