Objectivism Vs Christianity 4

Objectivism Rebutted††† †††††††††††††[1]

†††† Objectivism is anti-Judeo-Christian and is therefore necessarily anti-Semitic and anti-Christ in a way, that say, Buddhism or Hinduism are not. They are pro what they are doing and not particularly anti anything else. They may, to continue to use them as an example, be protective of what they conceive to be truth. Even Buddhism, derivative of Hinduism, is not anti-Hindu in any marked manner. Nor is Christianity, is any normal sense, anti-Judaism or anti-Semitic.

†††† Objectivism is different, though there is much to admire in Ayn Randís writing which has been seminal in freeing mankind from some destructive shackles, particularly Roman Catholic dogma, but when it takes on the whole of Judeo-Christianity it not only bites off more than it can chew, but bites its better self.

†††† But to be critical of Objectivism doesnít mean to fly into the sword of religious totalitarianism represented by the worst aspects of Roman Catholicism and Protestantism.

†† ††The problem with the current pitch of organized Objectivists is they want to ensconce themselves, cult like, apart from the main body of freedom loving peoples. They insist that the baby do without bathwater until it agrees to be bathed as they see fit, a variant totalitarianism.

†††† The central thesis of the Oís is the repudiation of Altruism and the enthronement of Selfishness. Fine and good when this is used to dethrone totalitarian socialist and religious altruism, but when they throw out the baby of enlightened self-interest along with the dirty water of compulsory charity, they do wrong to mankind and belittle their cause.

†††† It is one thing to do good to those you love, and something else entirely to be forced, one way or another, to do good to those you hate. The central good idea to be cherished, is freedom to do as you wish in ways that harm not another under the umbrella of an agreed to social contract. It is this rending of the fabric of love which is wrong. It is Ok to arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic, or even help keep it from sinking; it is something else to help it sink to the bottom even faster.

†††† The Idea of selfishness can have its uses, but it errors easily. For example, carried to its conclusion, which is already occurring, no one would have any children or wish others to have any, because it would just cause a diminution of goods to be available to oneself. Nor would one care what happened to the environment because it would not directly affect oneself. Under the guise of laissez faire capitalism selfishness, one is led down a garden path that leads to nihilism, sadism, Nazism, Communism, anarchy, cruelty, self-absorption, self-worship, and hatred of everyone and everything, including the Creator. At the end suicide would suggest itself as the final coup de grace.

†††† Sure, everyone is sickened by the cheap candy sweet, blood sucking, maudlin, pandering ďAltruismĒ one is deluged with daily. It is nauseous and leads to tyranny, as surely as unqualified selfishness would do.

†††† But let us go to ďAtlas Shrugged,Ē for if it is not the Bible of Objectivism, then what authority does it have other than its own self promotion? What do Reardon and the boys do when faced with altruistic Nannyocracy? They form a collectivist labor union and go on strike, until management (the public) caves in and agrees to sign a contract. Sounds like hair of the dog that bit, if not gross hypocrisy. And what about the altruism of these guys toward each other?

†††† Scientology camps out on much of the same ground and both Oís and Sís come a cropper much like Mac OS when faced with Windows. Windows are things you look out of; walls are things that narrow your vision. It is suggestive that O and S and OS are walls, and Judeo-Christianity is Windows.

†††† Not that Windows donít need washing from time to time and even replacement if they are broken or cracked, and they must be set in an appropriate frame and used as they were intended to enhance the utility of the whole building. That being said, we all prefer Windows to Walls.

Objectivism is[2]


Anti-Semitic & Anti-Christ.


Exclusivist in not working in broad based Coalitions.


Anarchistic in contributing to the decline of Civilization and laying the groundwork for authoritarian totalitarianism.


Illogical in not debating its opponents.


Cultic in looking inward.


Hypocritical in not dealing with the inconsistencies within Atlas Shrugged.


The corrective is for Objectivism to become a part of what we loosely call conservatism, and make the distinction between helping those you hate vs. helping those your self interest instructs you to love, and to see that PROPERLY UNDERSTOOD the Judeo-Christian Bible answers well the principles and goals of Objectivism.


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