Mural Arts Festival
at Mason


October 12, 2018
4pm - 8pm


Southside Plaza, George Mason


Shenandoah Deck

About Us

A project spearheaded by students and members of the George Mason University community, The Contemporary Mural Arts Festival at Mason was started as an idea to enrich and add life to the current landscape of the GMU campus. Proposed and instigated by then freshman Fionnuala Fisk, and supported closely by the University’s Provisions Library and University Curator Donald Russell, The Contemporary Mural Arts Festival team has only grown since then. With more and more students of various backgrounds, fields of study, and class standings, the #MuralsAtMason team stands as a microcosm of what the project hopes to accomplish; bringing various community members together through the nature of public art.

Get Involved

There is much work to be done before the murals make it to the walls of GMU. Behind the scenes, we have set up a club called the Mural Brigade which you can find and join here

The Mural Brigade aims to keep everyone on the team organized as we move forward applying for grants, creating and implementing marketing plans, collecting monetary support, and turning the dream of a fresh, new campus into a reality. As part of the Mason Family, we would like to ask if you would support this project and be a part of major improvements for the university and the community as a whole.

Made up of students and faculty of various backgrounds, we currently have meetings 4 days a week with a “come as you please” system.

Can’t make it for the whole meeting? No problem

Need to leave early for class? Go ahead.

We understand that students have busy schedules but by working together, we will be able to accomplish great things as we come closer to the completion of the project! For more information on how to join, please contact Fionnuala Fisk at