Parking protest

"The idea of encouraging green practices is a noble one, but the infrastructure is just is not there to support it. This is not something that can effectively be done in the bottom up in the fashion that Mason is attempting. It would require large improvements in the public transportation infrastructure of the area to make it feasible for students. A policy that Mason could promote without putting these burdens on commuters would be an incentive to car pool."


"Improve alternate transit before you restrict parking. I take the Mason to Metro shuttle and its service is near perfect. We need more alternative options like this!"

"Yeah I've tried the public transportation...the buses always get caught in traffic, and I end up late to my morning classes and or late going home or to my work. NOT A SOLUTION! Its hard enough battling for a space as it is, making it worse is just madness on their part! What could be a solution is subsidize the student housing, so its cheaper for students to rent it as its horrifically expensive to rent in Northern VA. Honestly though, that's more the excuse, I bet you anything is the Fairfax residents, crying about the traffic all the students cause."


"Trying to reduce the carbon footprint of GMU is like telling more people to take the metro to DC for work. It already happens, people car pool, there is zimride and people do take the shuttle bus. Elliot and Patrick, lets not forget the fact that GMU is a commuter school because the students who attend also have jobs which in northern va, require a commute. Attempting to get rid of general parking and/or promote SOV is a huge culture change that just will not happen at such a university. Your comments about Kim being selfish and ignorant about such a topic just exacerbates your innate reasoning."

"And if you're worried about the environmental impact, well, how much extra pollution would we create if we have hundreds of cars roaming campus because parking availability is low?"