Behind the Skies

Jorge Muñoz

Tr.: Denise DeVries

A swing

suspends my creation,

you seem distracted

probing plenitude


in collusion with the sun,

your endless braid

achieves a shedding of birds.

The see-saw,

alone and barefoot,

explores your fantastic movements

and the fulness of the full moon

covers you in butterflies.

Still small,

free of vertigo,

winding yourself, you consume my eyes,

and the circles beneath them

age prayerfully,


the abjurement of your melody.

An angel invents a drizzle,

imperceptible drops

perforating your grace.

A chord of the park

expands from you,

covering with innocence

the beginnings of horizons.

Your mother,

brandishing tenderness,

lifts you with a kiss,

riddling space with love;

behind the skies

a father