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Welcome to the Game Analysis Design Interest Group at GMU!

We are a club dedicated to making games on a professional level. Our goal is to simulate working in a studio environment with a large team of 50+ people. At the end of every semester members can pitch game ideas to the club to be selected for the upcoming semester!

We also reach out to get guest speakers from big name studios like Bethesda and Firaxis.

If you want to work with an amazing team and are passionate about video games, GADIG is the club for you.

Meeting Times

Location: In-person meetings at the Art and Design Building Room #2001. Catch updates and events in our Discord!

Time: Wednesdays @ 7:30 PM


These are recent activities GADIG hosts throughout the semester that do not pertain to what we do during club time, however we encourage members to participate in these. Dates will be noted with the activity and in the announcements when determined.

Game Jams

GADIG aims to provide a location and time for people who want to make a game, but aren't able to dedicate an entire semester to their game work. Game Jams are perfect for this due to how compact and quick they are! Working together with a team under a limited amount of time (usually, a weekend) to make a game is a great way to build skills, make new relationships, and explore new perspectives that come from working together.

GADIG regularly partners with the charity Extra Life for an event called JamFest. JamFest is a GADIG-operated game jam and livestream that lasts for 24 hours. All proceeds are donated to Extra Life. JamFest happens once per semester so be sure to check for updates in our Discord!

Charity Streams

GADIG participates in streaming games in order to raise money for charity events. We aim to reach our goals and all proceeds go to the charity we are representing at the time.

Below is a VOD from our Extra Life 2018 stream, where we were able to meet our goal of $1000 dollars!